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I realize I’ve been slackin’ on my IG’s been an abysmally busy semester but I’ve captured lots of memories that I can’t wait to share w y’all..but before any other posts, this one’s mandatory..a tribute to my AFS #FAM running shit! CONGRATULATIONS to my ading, kevin, newly elected president of #ASIAatUSF, my gading, tina, newly elected president of #AFSatUSF, & my ggading, amy (aka #81 “azur’elea”), one of USF aKDPhi’s newest sisters of their SP14 omicron line! I couldn’t be a prouder kuya, gkuya, & ggkuya! I love you all, I’m always here for you, & I know you’ll do great things in this next school year! #family #pamILYa


mr. owl is not crazy

i may not know you that well…yet..

but what i do know is not much makes me genuinely happy these days..

& i’m NEVER not happy to see you..whenever we’re in the same space, no matter who else may be in it, you’re the only person i see..when you’re in my arms, time ceases to exist..i can get lost in your eyes for days..your smile is so warm it’s like coming home..& the sight of you walking towards me plays out in my head like a scene from a movie..slow motion, music, the whole 9..i thrive off your passion..& anytime i see you express even an ounce of doubt or self-consciousness via social media, crazy as it sounds, i get a little mad at myself for not being there & letting you feel like you’re anything less than than fucking keep me on my put wind in my make me feel like a kid again..

somehow, before i’ve even gotten to really know you, you’ve captured me..& if nothing ever even comes of this, i wanna thank you..for the realization that even in this dark chapter of life i may be going through, i can still experience wonderment..& it would be beyond a blessing to have the chance to do the same for you..#ItGirl

(meant to be posted) 011114 she’ll have to forgive the wondrous faux pas of posting this a whole 2 days late, but #HappyBirthday to my beautiful, passionate #comadre, of my most unique friendships..mostly cause it had to evolve into but I wouldn’t have had it any other way..we’ve both grown so much over the past 9yrs..& I know neither of us are exactly where we wanna be in life, yet but I’m proud of how far we’ve come nonetheless..I hope you know I’ve always got your back..& that if you ever feel discouraged I’m always here to talk..thanks for putting up w/ me all these I wish you all the happiness, peace, & clarity in the world this next yr & beyond from a guy who fancies himself a #ManOfSteel to a girl who really is a #ShootingStar 😊💫

I’m not out looking for js any girl to call my significant other..I’m looking for a real ride or die girl whose been through some shit..who can can carry me as well as lean on me through life’s ups & downs..someone who can still teach & surprise me..someone who captures me & makes me realize why she’s the only other person I’ll ever need..a lover & a bestfriend..the Bey to my Hov..

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